1960 VBA 150

Cosmetics & Building

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Luckily a storage unit in my apartment block became available and I changed it in to a small workshop. So far the forks have been dropped into the frame and I need to change the steering lock area on the forks to fit with the old style lock. Although the bike looks purple it is actually bright blue from a Mazda Miata.

I dropped the engine in and the dry build exercise definitely turned out to be worthwhile. The clearance on the carb box to the frame is barely 1/16 of an inch when the shock is fully extended. Holes for the fuel line and throttle/electrics were already in the frame but the oil line from the under seat oil tank had to be drilled in before spraying.

The shock I used was a new one off a P200 and it turned out to be far shorter than the original VBA shock (see below). Apparently the P200 frame is much lower where the shock connects.

I talked to the local scooter shop and found a special extending attachment to get the P200 shock closer to the VBA. It turns out it is about 1/2" too long now but it fits in the bike without a problem. See below for a close up of the extension.

Finishing up should take quite a while....The tank and cowlings will be finished off and painted in April (complete with a Yamaha filler cap off a Seca II), the hydraulics will be connected, and the electrics routed and connected. Hopefully it will be running for mid-June.

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