1960 VBA 150

Dry Build:

I was concerned that with all the Frankenstein parts on this bike that something would not fit properly once I had finished the paint. The two areas that gave me trouble were the engine clearance, and the PK 125 fork turn stops which turned out to be different from the original VBA forks (of course). The PM Tuning pipe fit beautifully under the bodywork and easily cleared the original stand.

The fork stops on the PK125 forks differed from the VBA forks as seen in the pictures below. These stops hit on a piece of steel that hangs past the lower bearing race on the frame (shown with an arrow).

Our solution was to change the frame stops rather than attempt to change the PK fork stop as it would involve welding cast aluminum which I have no experience in. We cut the original stop with a reciprocating saw accessing it through the horn hole and replaced it with a homemade stop assembly shown below.

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