1960 VBA 150

Hydraulic Headset:

I wanted to create a headset that was as close to the original but with both a hydraulic clutch and front disk. The first problem was how to mount the front disk handlebar unit and allow the throttle tube to turn without the hydraulic reservoir unit turning. I could have used a "quick action" throttle but I think it would look to radical for this scoot.

I ended up inserting a small metal tube with a larger diameter than the throttle tube into the end of the throttle side of the headset. This is a tight fit and held in place with PC-7 epoxy. See picture below.

Both sides had to have the original lever mounts cut and ground down to allow for the handlebar hydraulic reservoirs. The clutch side bolted right on after machining as the reservoir rotates with the grip.

The last item was to lengthen the handlebar tubes by about an inch to make up for the space taken by the hydraulic reservoir clamps. These extensions were braised on with a welding torch.


Finally done, below is a picture of the headset on the running bike


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