Vespa VL3T

Body Work

Vespa VL3T Wiring

This section will focus on images and descriptions of the work done on my VL3T to run the wiring.

A new harness is being put in to the scooter.  I am also adding a VAPE electronic ignition and removing the battery.  We will see how the original Vespa VL3T switches need to be modified to accomodate the new wiring.

Here are some photos of the original stator which is being replaced.


I ran the new harness.  Not 100% how this will all hook up but I will show photos when that happens.  Here is the back end on the left.  On the right is the front end of the harness.  On the front end right are the wires that will lead to the switch and to the left are the wires that run from the switch to the headlight.


One problem is the limited space to get the wires from the switch, through the fork and back out to the headlight.  I modified this a bit to wrap the wires in triple insulation to prevent any damage from the rotating fork.  It is not easy to see but down in there are the wires wrapped in 3 layers of shrink wrap.

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