Vespa VL3T

Rear Hub

Vespa VL3T Rear Hub

Not a whole lot here at the moment as I am not currenlty looking at splitting the cases.  That may change down the road but for now just a little clean up and see if I can get it to run as is.  So first a few photos of the rear hub on this Vespa VL3T.  Pretty clean and straight forward.

You can see the order of nuts and washers as well as the seal underneath which seems to be holding its own.  Teeth on the spindle are in very good order.  Going off of what I have seen so far I am assuming the insides are as orderly as what I can see on the exterior.  Thus my decision not to split the cases at the moment.



One thing I did learn was the term "full complement bearing"

When I first looked at this bearing and saw those little cut outs on the inner and outer races it was new to me.  But a "full complement bearing" is built this way and the bearings are pushed in to the races and the opening is designed so the bearings will not pop back out.  Then I wondered about the open space?  Was a bearing missing.  A litte reading and some common sense leads you to find that the space has to exist so that bearings rotating in opposite directions are not rubbing agianst each other causing wear and friction.  A full complement bearing is designed to take more stress than other bearing designs.  Replacement bearings for this rear hub are no longer of the full complement style but rather just normal open or sealed bearings like we see every day.


There may be more added to this section later upon rebuild.

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