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Seat Locks

Keys are one thing I always find are missing on bikes that have been stored or neglected for a while. This section deals with how to replace a P series seat lock. As far as I know the Vespa P series is the only large frame Vespa that came with a seat lock. Hopefully it will be in the unlocked position on your bike, but if not you will have to drill down the center of the lock with a drill to break the lock.

You'll need the following parts/tools:

  • A new seat lock
  • A 7mm socket and driver or a 7mm wrench.


There are simply three 7mm bolts holding the lock body into the seat frame. Loosen these with a driver or wrench and the entire lock body will come out of the seat frame. These should all have lock washers on to keep them from loosening with the vibrations of the bike.


Pull the old lock out and refit the new lock in its place. You can use the same 7mm bolts you removed. Once the lock is in place, make sure it works with the seat lock post coming off the top of the gas tank. Try closing it a few times to make sure it is correctly orientated with the seta post. If things are out of line you can loosen the three front seat hinge bolts and slide the seat around for final alignment.

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