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Glovebox Locks

Keys are one thing I always find are missing on bikes that have been stored or neglected for a while. This section deals with how to replace a P series glove box lock. Other models are similar so this section should point you in the right direction. Usually on bikes that are used but have no keys, these seem to be in the unlocked position so it is not necessary to drill out the old lock. If it is in the locked position it will only take about 10 seconds to drill it outas the casting is aluminum and very soft.

You'll need the following parts/tools:

  • A new glovebox lock
  • A 3/16" drill bit or close.
  • A pair of pliers.


If the keys are missing you'll need to drill down the center of the lock to break all the key wafers and allow the lock to turn freely. Once these are drilled though you should be able to turn the lock to the left to unlock the glovebox door. You may need a flathead screw driver to help turn the lock.


Once the glovebox is open, grab the metal retaining clip on the inside face and pull to the side. This should come out pretty easily. If not, it can be lubricated with WD40 or oil to free it up. Once removed, keep the spring and retaining plate in a safe place to reuse it in the new lock.


Turn the new lock to the locked position (where the internal tab is in line with the lock) before fitting it. Place it in the hole by pushing it through at an angle and seating the top of the lock first. Once the top is seated the bottom can be pushed into position so the lock is flush with the outside face of the glovebox lid.


Loosely fit the spring as shown above and then compress it and get it in position. It has a small seating area on the bottom of the lock with a cast center to hold it in place.


The last step is to replace the metal retaining clip. Now close the glovebox lid and try the key to make sure everything locks properly.

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