Lambretta Engine Work




Specialized Tools




Lambretta Specialized Tools

There are some very useful tools available for working on a scooter engine. You can always get by with the vise-grips but these will make rebuilding a bike a breeze.


(1) Lambretta Flywheel holder. This tool has two edges to insert into either flywheels with 2 openings or flywheels with three openings.


(2) Lambretta Clutch Holder. This is used when the clutch basket needs to be removed. It is not required to change the clutch plates. It basically fits into the clutch slots and then locks against the chaincase studs.


(3) Lambretta Crank Installer Tool. This can easily be made from a piece of pipe, but the specialized tool sits on the magside bearing and allows the crank to be drawn through when the a small sprocket bolt is tightened at the top.