GS150 1959

Body Work & Primer:

After talking to many car painters I decided to use a PPG 2 pack paint system with a sandable primer coat. Since the primer was going to be sanded I didn't take all the dust proofing measures I did when I did the final gloss coat. I set up a tent made from heavy duty clear plastic in my Mom's garage and got to work. I borrowed a 5 gallon compressor from a neighbor and bought a HPLV spray gun and respirator from a local auto shop for $100. It definitely takes practice to get in to all the curves of the main body and try and limit the overspray. I also poured thinned out primer down the main trunk of the frame as the metal dip removal process removes all the paint and I was worried it might rust from the inside out. I sanded between coats with 600 grit wet/dry.

For the final body color I decided to break from the original silver color and try something different. I used a maroon color chosen from a Volvo color chart. The exact color was: Code 211 Dark Red from the European Volvo 240 Model from 1987 onwards, and the US Version of the Volvo 740 Model from 1988. Thanks for the email on this color code as I had forgotten it.


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