Vespa Pre 1979 Large Frame Engine Work

Rear Wheel Bearing

There are two rear wheel bearing set ups on older casings. On the left is the later system which uses a circlip to retain the bearing. This system started (as far as I can tell) with the VBC1M motor from the Vespa 150 Super and is in use today on all the P series motors. The one on the right was used up to the VBB2M motor and uses a reverse threaded retaining ring and a small wire clip to keep the bearing retained. Unfortunately, so far, I only have step by step info on the newer type.

Once the transmission has been removed and the rear wheel oil seal has been pried out, the rear axle bearing is visible. You will also see the circlip that retains the bearing.


Remove the circlip with circlip pliers. This then allows the bearing to be knocked through the casing from the inside.


I'm lucky enough to have the original Piaggio tool to drive the bearing from the casing. You can also use some sort of steel pipe as a drift to knock it out. If it is very stubborn you can heat the casing to release it's grip on the bearing.


Once the bearing is out, a new 6204 bearing can be driven in to the casing. Heating the casing is a great help before driving the bearing in with a socket or similar thing.


Make sure the bearing seats all the way past the groove for the retaining clip. Insert the retaining clip and ..... the oil seal firmly in place. Sometimes a large socket is helpful to gently tap it all the way home.