1960 VBB 150

Original Condition:

I found the bike through the San Francisco Advertiser and purchased it on the spot for $150. It had no papers, the engine was full of water, and most of the rare parts (speedo, headlight, tail light) where broken or missing. I always had the idea to take an older bike and give it the power and handling of a newer bike so I started with the bike below.

Why people decide they can paint an old Vespa with a brush I'll never understand....

I started by locating the basic bits for the bike such as an entire 10" fork from a GS150 which was before I realized that I could simple change out the hub of on set of 10" forks into the 8" fork body. I also managed to find a P200E engine in bad condition to provide power. The engine was from England and had no oil injection so the bike is still a pre-mix.

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