1960 VBB 150

Dry Build:

Since the bike was a conglomeration of parts I decided to make sure everything fit before starting with the paint. The following parts were used:

  • P200E engine, shock, & 10" rear wheel
  • GS150 forks and 10" hub
  • Early mudguard (steel with no seam)
  • P200E tank
  • P200E (modified) center stand

I checked clearances of the center stand (which had to have about an inch welded to it), made sure the engine fit under the side cowl, and that the forks would not rub. You can skip the GS150 (or GL150) fork change and just change the center hub of the original VBB forks, but you may need to change the front mudguard as a 10" wheel will rub on an original VBB fork/mudgurad combination.

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