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Sito Plus Exhaust - Large Frame

Putting on a Sito exhaust for a large frame bike is just the same as replacing the standard silencer. It gives a little more power, a throatier sound, but unfortunately, less ground clearance.

The first step is to remove your old box style exhaust which is held in place by a single 13mm nut at the barrel stub and another 14mm which passes through the swing arm.

The swing arm bolt is a little annoying as it will almost come out but then hits the rear tire. You can either deflate the tire or remove it to get this free - we removed it for the pictures.

With a little twisting and turning the exhaust should drop off the barrel stub. If it is stubborn try heating the stub, tapping the edge with a hammer and screw driver, or soaking it in a solvent.

Once the old exhaust is off the Sito can simply go in its place. The Sito definitely gives a little more power than standard. We raced 2 P200s that were always neck and neck with standard silencers and then changed one of them to a Sito. The difference was that the bike could rev higher before having to change gears which allowed it to pull forward by about a bike length before the 1st to 2nd change. After that it just kept on pulling further away at each gear change. I would estimate it may give you about 5 MPH more top speed overall, and not much more power at the same revs, but the ability to hold onto each gear for longer because of the high revving capabilities.

The downside is that it has less ground clearance. When you ride with a passenger it is easy to bottom out on left hand turns which is a little scary. Below is a quick shot with no load on the bike. You can see that even with no load the exhaust grounds out well before the stand.

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