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1955 - 1955
Made under license in France
engine: single cylinder, air cooled 2-stroke
induction: piston ported
bore: 54 mm
stroke: 54 mm
cubic capacity: 123.67 cc
compression ratio: 6.4: 1
bhp at rpm: 5 @ 4,850
lubrication: 5% oil
transmission: 3 speed constant mesh
primary drive: 22/67
1st gear: 12.2: 1
2nd gear: 7.6: 1
3rd gear: 4.85: 1
clutch: wet - 3 cork plates
carburetor: Guertner R.N.V.18
venturi diameter: 22mm
barrel manifold: 18mm
main jet: 32
idle jet: 32X2
throttle slide: No. 11
carburetor: Dell'Orto TA/18
venturi diameter: 22mm
barrel manifold: 18mm
main jet: 80/100
idle jet: 35/100
throttle slide: No. 70
ignition: contact breaker & coil
ignition timing: 28 degrees BTDC
breaker gap: 0.3 - 0.5 mm
voltage: 6 volt AC
battery: n/a
wheels: 8"
tires: 3.50 x 8"
top speed: 47 mph / 75 kph

Note: ACMA produced Vespas from 1951 to 1962 in Fourchambault, near Dijon, France. Some interesting features of the 1955 model were:
  • The fan and fan cover are like a Vespa GS150 and the engine cowl is flatter but retains the louvers like a '54.
  • Available in biege for the first 6 months of 1955.
  • Available in duck egg blue for the last 6 months of 1955.
  • 8" wheels
  • A new style of seat with internal springs
  • The cast headlamp was bolted to the handlebars and included a speedometer and a new style headlight ring.
  • V style rear rack

Although they look very similar, there are some small differences between the 1955 ACMA 125 and the earlier model which are listed on the ACMA 125 1953-54 page.

The engine is very similar to the 1952-53 Italian Vespa 125 and many parts should be interchangeable.

Thanks to Jean-François Bourque for the info and pictures (click images below and icon at top of page for larger images). Also thanks to Oliver Montuori from Urbanscootershop in Nice, France for the icon image.