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Vespa Clutch Rebuild

Usually when the clutch is not functioning well, nine times out of ten only the plates need to be replaced. Once the clutch has been removed changing the plates and any other work is easy. You'll need:

  • A pint of SAE 30 transmission oil.
  • 3 new cork clutch plates.
  • New springs (might as well)!
  • A clutch compressor tool or a home made version from typical hardware store items.

A special Vespa clutch compressor is a nice tool, but you can make one for under $4 at your local hardware store from standard nuts, bolts and washers.

You are looking for:

  • A hex head bolt of between #10 and 3/8" (6mm - 10mm) about 2" (5cm) long.
  • A nut for the above bolt
  • 2 washers with an outside diameter not more than xxx. You may have to build these up as shown in the example above.


More to come soon...