Vespa "Wide Mount" - Identification

Bikes made mainly in the 1950's had a different frame style than the more recent scoots. Below is a guide on how to identify them with corresponding pictures below:

  • Engine side cowl has a bump that cuts into the frame.
  • There is a small door below the choke and fuel levers which hinges toward the headset. For models with 8" wheels this is where the carb is located. For 10" models this is a storage area.
  • The engine castings are in three main sections; the two crankcase halves and the swingarm.
  • The frame tunnel from the rear brake pedal to the rear flares out significantly
  • There are two frame to engine swing arm bolts rather than a single long one.
  • The left side cowl is a glovebox with a small hinged door in the top. It is attached to the frame from inside with a series of bolts.


Wide mount models consist of the following: