Automatic Project

Original Engine


The bike was completely disassembled by the previous owner so I was given a box full of bits including some new parts that had been bought but never installed.

I decided to rebuild the motor and sell it to help finance the project. Most parts were servicable and the parts which would be typically replaced had already been purchased and were included in the boxes. The only real reason I could see to rebuild the motor was to replace the piston rings which were way out of tolerance, but I guess the previous owner just disassembled everything out of curiosity.

The rebuilding of the motor was fun and it helped fill in some blanks on the small frame engine rebuild page. When complete it fired up on the third kick. I drained the oil and shipped it out to the new owner for just under $50 via the US Post.

The complete engine included the following:

  • New clutch plates & central spring
  • New piston, rings and 2nd oversize rebore
  • New shift cross & shims
  • New kickstart buffers
  • New points
  • New oil seals
  • New gaskets
  • New exhaust

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