Italian Lambretta Parts Books

Cento 100

150D series II

150D series III

150LD series I

150LD series II

150LD series III

150LDA series II

150 LDA series III

Li125 Series II

Li125 Series III

Li125 Special

Li150 Series I

Li150 Series II

Li150 Series III

Li150 Special


TV175 Series II

TV175 Series III


150D, 150LD, & 150LD electric start Parts Book

Click individual pages below for a 9x6 1/4" 300 DPI page. This book covers the 150 D series II, 150D series III, and all 150LD models. The 125D, 125LD, a nd 125LDA models can be derived as most parts are common between the D/LD125 and D/LD150. Thanks to James Gorman for the scans.

If you prefer a slightly lower resolution (100 DPI).pdf file of all the pages click here for a 27 MB file download.