S p e c s: VTT or V13502C

1961 - 1965
engine: single cylinder, air cooled 2-stroke
induction: piston ported
bore: 57mm
stroke: 57mm
cubic capacity: 145.45cc
compression ration: 7.2: 1
bhp at rpm: 6.5 @ unknown rpm
lubrication: unknown
transmission: 4 speed
1st gear: 14.46
2nd gear: 10.09
3rd gear: 7.61
4th gear: 5.83
clutch: wet - multiplate
carburetor: Arebeo o Irz - 19mm
main jet:
slow running jet:
main air bleed:
starter jet:
ignition: contact & breaker
ignition timing: 27 BTDC
breaker gap: 0.4mm
voltage: 6v - 32W stator
battery: 6v - 7ah
wheels: 10"
tires: 3.50 x 10
max speed: 90 kph
weight: 95kg
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This is a strange one. It has the body of a GS160 mark II, but has a different headset, and the forks off a Vespa Sprint. The 1961 to 1964 models have round headlights similar to a Vespa VBB. The 1965 model has a trapeziodal headlight. If anyone has more informtaion please email me. Click the images above for larger views. Thanks to Wayne for the pictures & Angel Lede for the info.