S p e c s: 788.94331 (VA13T)

engine: single cylinder, air cooled 2-stroke
induction: disc valve
bore: 52.5 mm
stroke: 57 mm
cubic capacity: 123.4 cc
compression ration: 7.1: 1
bhp at rpm: 5.6 @ 5000
transmission: 4 speed constant mesh
1st gear: 13.35: 1
2nd gear: 9.32: 1
3rd gear: 6.64: 1
4th gear: 4.85: 1
clutch: wet - multiplate
carburetor: Dell'Orto SI 20/15C
main jet: 82
slow running jet: 42
diffuser: BE1
main air bleed: 150
throttle valve: No
choke jet: 55
ignition: contact breaker & coil
ignition timing: 26 deg. BTDC
breaker gap: 0.3 - 0.5 mm
voltage: 6 volt
max speed: 46.6 m.p.h.
weight: 182 lbs.

Note: Similar to Vespa VNB5T and VNB6T but no front damper, only available in red, and bears allstate logo on front of legshield instead of "vespa" logo. Also, it has no "Piaggio" shield at top of legshield. Sold as standard with no speedometer, which was available as an accessory. Allstates also had distinct square tail lights that are not shared with any other Vespa model.

*Thanks to Tom G for the info.