S p e c s: V9X1T (frame) V9X1M (motor)

1982 - 1984
engine: single cylinder, air cooled 2-stroke
induction: disc valve
bore: unknown
stroke: unknown
cubic capacity: approx. 100 cc
compression ratio: unknown
bhp at rpm: unknown
lubrication: 2%
transmission: 4 speed constant mesh
1st gear: unknown
2nd gear: unknown
3rd gear: unknown
4th gear: unknown
clutch: wet - multiplate
carburetor: Dell'Orto 19mm
venturi size: unknown
main jet: unknown
slow running jet: unknown
throttle valve: unknown
mixer tube: unknown
atomiser: unknown
starter jet: unknown
ignition: unknown
ignition timing: unknown
voltage: unknown
wheels: 10" cast w/cooling fins
tires: 3.50 x10
max speed: unknown
total dry weight: unknown

Thanks to Eddie Wicks in Bermuda for the images.