Rear Shock

1985 RZ350

Original Shock Removal

Support the bike on the center stand. To get the shock out you'll need to remove a bunch of things from the bike. The exhausts have to come off for access to the lower shock bolt. The shock is connected at the top with a single bolt, but the bottom is more complicated. Your bike may look slightly different as mine has an FZR swing arm and relay arms. Put something under the rear tire to support it but not enough to compress the spring at all, and then remove the single bolt that passes through the bottom of the shock. This will allow the relay arms to drop free.

Remove the oil seal from the side of the rear shock mount, and push out the central metal sleeve. Once this is pushed out the shock bottom will be free.

Make sure you save the oil seals that are on either side of the shock eye.

To get to the top bolt of the shock you'll need to remove the oil tank from the left side of the bike which is located under the side panel. I also have the gas tank off in this picture which is recommended, but you may be able to get the oil tank out with it in place. You'll need to either drain the tank, or quickly remove the oil line connection and plug the hole with something once the tank is free. Also disconnect the oil tank sender unit from the electrical harness by disconnecting the 2 prong plug. Now the oil tank can be removed by removing the two bolts shown above.

With the tank removed you can clearly see the nut end of the upper shock bolt.

Remove the battery from beneath the right hand side panel cover and you'll see the top shock bolt. Remove this bolt and the nut on the oil tank side and the shock should drop out from the bottom of the bike.

There is an adjuster wheel and belt which will be left in the bike. You can remove it by removing the air box, or just cut the belt off and leave it in place. It won't be used after the new shock is in place.

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