FZ600 Swingarm

1985 RZ350

Removing the RZ350 Swingarm

Place the bike on the center stand and follow these directions to remove the bottom fairing and exhausts. I also found out after this image was taken, it was easier to remove the footpeg brackets once the exhausts were gone, but it was simply just more conveneint and isn't required.

The first step is to remove the rear wheel from the bike. Remove the brake caliper by removing the two retaining bolts shown above, and unclip the hose from the swing arm. The caliper can be flopped over the side or removed completely.

Remove the split pin from the nut on the right side of the swingarm, and loosen and remove the axle nut.

Carefully drive out the axle with a rubber mallet, or pull it from the other end and the wheel should drop. Pull the torque arm from the swing arm on the right side, which will allow you more room to remove the chain from the rear sprocket.

Once the sprocket is clear the wheel can be rolled away.

The underside of the shock has a system of connecting a cast "knuckle" from where the main stand connects, then a pivot where it connects to the bottom of the rear shock, and finally two legs which then connect from that pivot to the swing arm.

Remove the single bolt that passes through the bottom of the shock and remove it completely. You'll see that there is a tube that remains in the pivot but the relay arms will fall away and the swing arm will drop to the maximum allowed by the main pivot bolt.

Carefully drive this out with a rubber mallet and a spacer of some sort. This is not necessary if you are keeping the original shock (like I am ...for now), but it is advisable as you can grease it since it probably hasn't been done for years.

Remove the main pivot bot by removing the nut on the left side of the bike and pushing or pulling the pivot bolt through the frame. Once clear the swingarm should fall to the ground.

This is a good point to consider removing and replacing or servicing the rear shock, but it can also be removed with the swingarm in place. At this point I am leaving the original to see how the FZ600 swing arm affects the ride height of the bike, but I may return in the future to replace it with a more adjustable one from another bike.

The only re-useable part from the swing arm is the pivot sleeve which can be used for a reference when machining the wider FZ600 pivot point. It is removed by simply pushing it out of the pivot area with a finger (and giving it a good clean)..

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