Spec II Exhausts

1985 RZ350

Removing the Original Exhausts

The first step to installing new exhausts is to remove the old factory system and air intake system (on California bikes).

The previous exhausts weigh significantly more than the new ones, they have a complicated air intake system to help with emissions, and they have a catalytic converter in each. To remove them you'll need a basic tool set including a socket & driver set.

Under the chin fairing you'll see three screws (at least they were screws on mine but it's been around the block a few times). These hold the exhaust air emission system and all need to be removed.

Just behind the front wheel the bracket for the fresh air tube needs to be removed by removing the two bolts on either side. This also connects the chin fairing to the radiator guard.

Lastly a bolt on either side holds the chin fairing in place. Once removed store it away from the work for safe keeping.

Now you can see the air emission system hanging down under the motor. and the welded on tubes to the main exhaust that connect to rubber tubes that then connect to this system. Remove the tubes from the exhaust and the tubes from the small air valve hanging down just under the motor cases. With these tubes removed the air filter part of the system can be removed. This can be discarded or saved if you ever wan to go back to stock.

Pull the tank by removing the seat and removing the single Allen head bolt at the base. Remove both side panels by prying them from their rubber supports. Disconnect the gas line and the vacuum line to the fuel tap and pull the tank backwards off the front rubber locating mounts. Once done find the two catalyzer leads going to each exhaust pipe and disconnect them. push the exhaust side of the lead through the frame so that it hangs clear

Remove the two exhaust flange bolts at the engine end of the exhaust ...

...and the single bolt just behind the driver foot pegs on either side. This should allow the exhaust to drop free - good riddance! Remove the remaining gaskets at the exhaust port, and the circular seal.

Finally, remove the reed valve portion of the air system by removing the two Allen head bolts either side. I left the bracket in place because it doesn't affect anything.

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