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For quite a while smaller block Lambrettas like the Li125 and Li150 were overlooked by everyone creating aftermarket kits. There are many conversions which use the standard barrel, bored out and fitted with a new piston, but no one designed and built a new barrel to suit the existing engine. Over the last couple of years this has changed and suddenly the Li engine block is starting to get some attention.

This new kit is much better described on the MB Developments web site, but I thought I'd cover the basics here. Thanks to Rob Ormsby for the pictures.

Although all series I, II, and III (except the TV175 Series I) have a 58mm stroke, the smaller displacement engines have a smaller diameter casing mouth and a different crank design than their 200cc brothers.. Without some major adjustments to the mouth and stud placement, an Li engine casing cannot fit a 200 or 225cc spigot. The kit is available as a 175cc or 185cc (which I guess they called the 190).


This kit allows the use of the original carb and intake system, exhaust, and will align with the existing transfers in the Li casing mouth. It is made out of alloy rather than cast steel which helps it dissipate heat more quickly and also it weighs much less.


The beauty of this kit is that if you are short on cash but want something with a little more kick, you can install this kit along with the correct cylinder head, and not have the added expense of a new carb, new exhaust, or a new ignition system. While all these items will get you either more power or better reliability, they are not necessary, whereas a TS1 needs all new components, which will significantly raise the cost of a conversion.

The kit comes with:

  • The cylinder
  • Matching piston, rings, wirst (gudgeon) pin, small end bearing, and circlips.
  • Cylinder head
  • All gaskets required for installation
  • All nuts, studs, and washers required for installation

Your carburetor will have to be re-jetted to suit. Consult your local scooter shop for the correct jets for your specific carb.