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Timing Calculator

Timing Calculator

Many aftermarket kits give timing in millimeters before TDC. Also if you use a dial gauge to time your motor you'll need to convert degrees into millimeters of piston travel. Here's a calculator to change from degrees before top dead center (TDC) to millimeters before TDC or the reverse.

You'll need to know your engine's

  • Con rod length - basic list in pop up menu below
  • Stroke - click here for a list of stock bikes: [Lambretta][Vespa]

Then you need to know one of the following: 

  • Timing in degrees before top dead center (TDC): [Lambretta][Vespa] or
  • Timing in millimeters before top dead center (TDC)
  • Be sure to click the button next to either timing in mm or timing in degrees.

  •  Conrod Length:


    Timing Degrees BTDC:

    Timing mm BTDC: