General Painting


This paint was a 2 pack system where a color layer is laid down which has a matt finish and then a clear glossy coat is laid over it to protect it and make it shine. The range of colors is huge. I choose my colors by finding a car on the road that looks good and matching the make and model. Looking at the color chips in the paint shop is a bad idea because they samples are only an inch big and mounted against a white background. Choosing this way can lead to mistakes like this.

Above are the color coat parts. The Vespa frame is especially hard to get sprayed beautifully without overspray or bad coverage. I hang the entire frame from the ceiling using either the hole for the air intake under the seat or the gas tank hole. Try to only spray surfaces that are not horizontal as horizontal surfaces pick up dust easily. Take your time but leave enough time to get the clear coat on (it has to be applied within 24 hours of the color coat). All instructions and warnings on the cans should be strictly followed for a good finish and safety.

Above are the parts for the clear coat. As far as I know you cannot sand the color coat if there are any mistakes or dust in the layer. You'll have to spray the clear which can be lightly sanded and re-coated.



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