MotoVespa Owner's Manuals

1955 MotoVespa 125cc

MotoVespa XL125 Plurimatic

MotoVespa 125N

MotoVespa 125L

MotoVespa 150L

MotoVespa 150F

1965 MotoVespa 150S Owner's Manual

Click individual pages below for a 6.45"x4.3" 200 DPI page. Taken from the original owner's manual supplied with the Spanish MotoVespa 125N through 150F. Files sizes are about 250K for a color page and 180K for a black and white. Everything is in Spanish due to this being a bike made under license in Spain. Thanks to Roberto Febles Del Castillo for the scans.

Click individual pages for images or here for a 2.8MB PDF file.