S p e c s: VMS1T

1983 - 1984
engine: single cylinder, air cooled 2-stroke
induction: disc valve
bore: 55 mm
stroke: 51 mm
cubic capacity: 121.2 cc
compression ratio: 9.5: 1
bhp at rpm: 8.5 @ 6000
lubrication: 2%
transmission: 4 speed constant mesh
primary: 2.54:1
1st gear:
2nd gear:
3rd gear:
4th gear:
clutch: wet - multiplate
carburetor: Dell'Orto SHBC 20mm
venturi size: 20 mm
main jet:
slow running jet:
throttle valve:
mixer tube:
starter jet:
ignition timing:
voltage: 12 volt AC
wheels: 10" cast w/cooling fins
tires: 3.00 x10
max speed: 62mph (97kph)
total dry weight: 220lbs (82kg)

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This model has the same headlight as other PK models but has a different handlebar cover. It has a sporty look and unique shaped exhaust that fits on left hand side and means it can't fit a spare wheel like other PKs. You can if you fit a standard PK exhaust if you need to fit a spare. It also had small horn grille cut into frame to the right of the horncasting. Only about 4000 were made. Thanks to Paul from the ELMS Scooter Club for the info and pics.