S p e c s: V9A1T

1963 - 1984
engine: single cylinder, air cooled 2-stroke
induction: disc valve
bore: 47 mm
stroke: 51 mm
cubic capacity: 88.5 cc
compression ration: 7.2: 1
bhp at rpm: 3.1 @ 5200
transmission: 3 speed constant mesh
primary drive: 22/63
1st gear: 17.18: 1
2nd gear: 9.66: 1
3rd gear: 6.12: 1
clutch: wet - multiplate
carburetor: Dell'Orto SHB 16/16
main jet: 63
slow running jet: 38
starter jet: 50
ignition: contact breaker & coil
ignition timing: 19 deg. BTDC
breaker gap: 0.3 - 0.5 mm
voltage: 6 volt
max stator output: 6v - 30w
wheel hubs: pressed steel
tires: 3.00 x 10

Note: The crankcase mouth on this model was enlarged in 1966 to 61mm - an identical size as larger small frame motors like the 100 and 125 Primavera. From 1963 to 1965 the crankcase mouth is only 56mm. Larger bore kits from Malossi and Polinin can only fit on post 1966 engines without enlarging the mouth to allow the barrel spigot to fit. The side engine access door was also smaller than all following models (see below).
Post-1965 models had a larger access door to the engine.

Pre-1965 models had a smaller access door to the engine.