S p e c s: VSE1M Rally motor electronic (Femsatronic)

1972 - 1977
casing mouth: 3 transfer ports
induction: disc valve
bore: 66.5 mm
stroke: 57 mm
cubic capacity: 198 cc
compression ratio: 9.8: 1
bhp at rpm: 12 @ 5700
con rod length:110mm
piston compression height: 42.5mm
piston type: domed
small end diameter:16mm
big end diameter:20mm

flywheel side bearing:
drive side bearing:
input shaft bearing:
output shaft bearing (flywheel side):
rear wheel bearing:

flywheel side oil seal
drive side oil seal: 31x62x4.3/5.8
rear hub oil seal: 30x47x6

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Casings: The casings are very similar to the P200 and PX200 casings except that the flywheel bearing outer dimension is larger.

Cranks: The cranks fitted to the early Rally motors with Femsatronic ignition are hard to find. They can be replaced with a P200 crank along with a different flywheel side bearing from a T5. The Femsatronic flywheel will no longer fit the new crank so a conversion to either the later Ducati type 6V Rally ignition & flywheel or the typical 12V CDI ignition & flywheel off a P series is also required. Use an NU205 flywheel bearing and P200 crank instead of the original.

Standard Barrel: The standard barrel has two main ports and a smaller third port. The barrel is not really useful for tuning as all the ports and transfers are internal to the barrel casting.

Kits: The Rally 200 can take all the same kits as a P series bike

Ignition: The Femsatronic ignition system on the early Rally bikes was scrapped after five years and replaced with a Ducati system. The Femsatronic is easily identifiable because of the bright orange ignition module. The system can be changed to a Rally 6V Ducati system or 12V P series system but the crank has to be changed (see cranks above).