Wheel & Tires

1985 RZ350

Tire Options

I chose Bridgestone Battlax BT-014s as they are a good compromise of stickyness for weekends and durability for commuting. The weird thing about the FZR is it has different sized wheels for the front and the back. The front can also handle a larger tire than the 110/70-17 I selected but while it may get more grip, it will also not turn in as quickly as the smaller 110/70 tire. Since my bike will be significantly lighter than an FZR (and I've got a lot to learn about better cornering) I'm not too worried about the grip.

At the rear I chose a 150/60-18 although the FZR can handle a 160/60-18 but I have heard it makes the chain run very close to the tire and would require an even deeper offset sprocket on the front of this conversion. Above is a shot shoing my new rear next to the one it will soon be replacing. The intention of this conversion was to allow me to upgrade to a more modern tire with a modern profile, but I'd be lying if some of the reason isn't because it is going to look so sweet.

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