Wheel & Tires

1985 RZ350

Rear Wheel

The rear wheel mounted with the Bridgestone shown next to the existing wheel with a Metzler shows quite a difference in both size and profile.

To mount the rear wheel the sequence is the same as the front wheel for the bearings in the main hub. But on the rear there is also the sprocket carrier which I replaced the bearings in also after powdercoating. The new bearing above was fitted with the small collar and banged in flush. This collar can only go in one way around as the outside diameter on the inboard side is too large.

The bearing goes in from the sprocket side with the collar facing the hub. On this bearing I actually used a threaded rod and some washers to draw it in (mainly because my 2 year old was asleep upstairs) but also just to see how easy it was to do without hammering. Either way works.

Then fit the oil seal and the recently machined spacer after lining the lip of the seal with grease.

Lastly fit the sprocket. I've only added two nuts as this is the first dry fit and I want to make sure everything fits. The sprocket is a new aluminum one from Sprocket Specialists. I ordered the FZR600 520 chain conversion sprocket which uses a different chain than the original FZR, but the same chain as the RZ350. It can be ordered in many different sizes and I chose a 40 tooth as this would recreate the RZ350 stock gearing almost perfectly. I measured the circumference of the old and new tire with a string and found only 1/2" difference between the two.

Fit the cush drive rubbers to the hub by pushing the nipple through the hole in the hub. The bridge piece should span the reinforcing rib.

Then push the rear sprocket carrier into the voids between the rubbers.

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