1985 RZ350

Removing the Original Gauges

My bike was missing the bikini fairing so these instructions skip that step.

First, remove the two cables that drive the tach and the speedo. The speedometer cable can be completely removed down the the front hub as the new gauges figure out the speed electronically. The same goes for the tachometer cable.

I actually had the carbs off the bike when I did this work, so I got the retaining ring off the old tach cable, made a rubber blank, and screwed it back on to cover the old tach drive hole from any water or dirt from entering in the future.

Remove the allen head bolt at either side of the gauges just behind the indicator stalks.

The gauges can physically be removed from the bike except for the electrical connections. To gain access to the plugs you need to remove the headlight from the headlight bucket. There are two screws on the rim on either side.

Once the headlight is open up you can trace the connections to the gauges back to the connectors and dis connect them. Write down which gauge connector goes to which frame connector just in case or use the wiring diagram noted on the resources page. The gauges can now be removed from the bike.

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