Engine Rebuild

1985 RZ350

RZ350 - Engine Install

The engine is connected to the frame by a forward mount, a rear mount and two underside tension bars that connect to the frame. The engine can only be placed in the frame from the right hand side.

The tension bars need to be installed in the frame first. Place the bolt and split washer at the steering end through the slot in the frame and tighten it only finger tight.

In this shot you can see the front frame motor mount. The one on the right is a smaller mount and has a piece that fits in to mirror the one on the left, but also allows the motor to be placed in the frame.

Above is a shot of the motor placed in the frame.

The rear mount is the same idea. The smaller mount can be seen just behind the rear brake switch wires.

Place the motor roughly in the frame from the right hand side. The motor mounts should line up pretty closely but not perfectly. Above is a shot of the rear mount from the left hand side of the motorcycle.

The front mount will also line up closely but not perfectly.

Place the rear mounter mount plate on to the right side motor mount and bolt it through with two bolts. Also fit the front mount plate in the same manner. The front mount plate has a bend in it which can only fit one way. By the way the tachometer drive is shown incorrectly with the drive threads reversed.

The second half can then be pushed through the other side of the barrel.

Be sure that both locating dowels also come out with the power valve. Usually they will stick in one side of the assembly like shown above

The second barrel without the pulley system is very similar but the outside face of the barrel just has a simple cap held in place with two small bolts.

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