Engine Rebuild

1985 RZ350

1985 California RZ350

Now we move on to reinstalling the crankshaft. The crank in my box of parts turned out to be better than the one in the extra engine. I still had it stripped and rebuilt and then trued. The main bearings were fine but the big end bearing were replaced. See the resources section in the list on the top left of this page for a guy who does great crankshaft rebuilding in San Francisco.

. The first step is to install the half circle metal piece in the right hand side bearing recess.

For the life of me I could not tell any difference between either side of the flywheel seal I ended up installing it with the letters facing out as shown above. Grease the lip and slide it on to the crank end before installation

Place the drive side (right hand side) oil seal in place as shown. The bumpy side should face inwards towards the crankshaft. Then carefully lower the crank down and through the seal. The crank may not lie in the recesses very well because of some locating pins on the central and left hand side bearings.

On the flywheel side look for a small pin on the bearing that will fit into a small slot in the casing.

On the central bearings similar pins and recesses are visible. Disregard the mating compound on the casing halves in this picture. I forgot to take a picture of the bearing pins so I had to jump forward to a picture later on in the casing rebuild process.

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