1985 RZ350

1985 California RZ350

The original motor came to me almost fully disassembled. The crank needed a full rebuild and while I sent it off to be looked at I found another engine on craigslist.org for a very decent price. I figured since I didn't have the experience of taking the original engine apart, taking this one apart would help me put the other one back together.

The motor is very compact. On the left hand side is a plastic cover that encloses the flywheel, shifter shaft, and chain drive. The best part about having a second motor was that I could mix and match the engines for the parts that were in better condition and then sell the rest off on eBay once I was sure what I needed.

The right side has a metal cover enclosing the clutch, primary drive, tachometer, water pump, and oil pump drives. The water pump and oil pump are located on this cover at the front with their own access panels. I was a little tempted to just bolt it in and go, but I made the right decision and started to tear it down, taking photos as I went. It is a good thing too - the inside of the barrels was a bit of a mess.

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