1985 RZ350

RZ350 - Engine Case Split

Splitting the casings is required to get to the crank, transmission, and the tachometer drive gearing.

.Once the fywheel side parts and clutch side parts have been removed the casings can be split. Make sure that the little metal part shown here is removed as it is one of the few things that bridges the two casings and is easy to overlook. The casings are split by removing the 8 nuts and washers on the underside of the engine....

...as well as the xxx bots on the top side of the casing. There are a few bolts which also connect certain cable holders and other items to the casing so I've taken pictures to show where they go for the rebuild.

The clutch arm is held in place by a metal piece bolted to the casing.

At the rear of the motor a single bolt retains a clip which holds some of the engine tubes and cables.

When the casings are assembled a liquid gasket sealant is applied to the mating surfaces. Once all the bolts are removed the cases will need a little effort to get them split apart. The most careful way to do this is to carefully tap around the surrounding of where the casing split occurs witha rubber mallet. The front motor mount is also a good place as you can get good upward movement.

The casings should start to separate. Keep tapping and pulling until they separate completely.

With the motor split, the crank and transmission can be removed. The transmission is more involved process and is covered in the next section. Removing the crank is easy and is covered below.

The crank can alos be stubborn but is not held in place by any physical fastening. Lifting up on the crank from both ends should free the crank from the casing along with the oil seals at either end. DO NOT lever or tap the crank to free it as it could damage it.

With the crank removed you may want to clean out the bottom end if it looks anything like the one on this motor.

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