1985 RZ350

Original Frame Condition

Finished Condition



1985 California RZ350

Well, here's the condition of the RZ350 I swapped for a Vespa P200 project. Let me first say that this site is my best attempt to get this bike back on the road and will grow as the work progresses. I've never owned an RZ before and I am building it up without the benefit of having taken it apart in the first place. I have boxes full of little fiddly bits, but I hope to show the process in these pages. The frame is solid and the rest of the bike is in boxes including the almost fully disassembled engine. It originally came with drop bars but I found some originals to replace them that are shown below. The rest of the bodywork was also in boxes and includes the bikini fairing and a seat with a tear in it.

This is an original California model so I had no problems registering it in my name, although there were some back registration fees. I have made a catalog of things that are missing and it seems almost complete.

Some obvious additions will be a new chain, indicators, brake lines, and a full rebuild of the engine.

Quite a few bits need to be added to the bars and instruments.

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