1985 RZ350

1985 California RZ350

Here she is after I did only everything necessary to get her legal and running again. Now I can focus on some new parts for aesthetic reasons, and see what I might want to replace in the future.

This is the condition it is in after the rebuild. There are still some things to do but it starts easily and is a blast to drive. New expansion chambers would be nice but I'll ride it for a little while and see what I think of the stock systems.

I added a seat cover, braided steel brake lines, and I'm looking out for a tank in better condition.

The funky mirror was just so I could get it out on the road. New black ones are coming soon in the mail.

The engine is as clean as I can get it and taken back to totally stock.

I hot wired the side stand switch so I could drive it but I recently got one in the mail to add when I have some free time.

I have the bikini fairing but I like the look of the bike without it.

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